It has been two years since Japan has sealed off its borders from the rest of the world. They have been trying to rebuild their empire from the damage caused by Onigumo, but progress is slow. The campaign against the Chinese has come to a halt as Shogun Oda Nobunaga returns to the island of Yamato to help rebuild his empire, and protect the Daughter of Heaven.

But things are slow to heal, and new horrors seem to be rising from the damage already wrought. After countless centuries, Yamata no Orochi has awoken and seeks to collect what he is owed, with interest. Intent on devouring all of Japan, the great 8 headed serpent has begun to spread his covetous wrath throughout the empire. Two sisters, one blessed by Tsukiyomi and the other by Amaratasu, each seem to be forced by fate to stand against Yamata no Orochi and his Aragami. But they will not stand alone, as other samurai have been called to their side to help share in their destiny.

The Rise of Orochi