The State of the Empire

The corruption caused by Onigumo has shook the foundations of the Empire to its core. The people have begun to lose faith in their Shogun and many Daimyos have begun to reassert their own local power. Kami and yokai alike still bear the effects of the lingering hatred and anger caused by Onigumo and it is taking the priests and miko of the empire all their effort to purify and appease the spirits of the land.

Distrust fills the hearts and minds of the people of japan, as well as the Kami. And even though Onigumo was a native to Nippon, the source of the corrupting influence, as well as Kentaro’s Jifune’s strange, arcane magic are both foreign. Because of this all things foreign have been declared offensive to the Empire, including the magic that derives itself not from the Kami.

The Factions too, have been barred from Nippon. However, the Empress and the Shogun both understand the importance and the power of having consolidated groups to help defend the empire and to protect it against the corruption from within. Because of this they have created 9 orders, or Clans, and given each a specific role in the empire. Many of these 9 clans were once parts of the previous factions.

And at the center of all of this are the Shinsei, those with powers and destines beyond that of mortal men. It is these Shinsei who will hold the future of Nippon. For better or for worse.

The State of the Empire

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