The great Clans

After the fallout of Kentaro Jifune’s treachery, the damage to the already weak Logiciians was beyond repair. Needing a scapegoat for her people, she declared all things foreign, including the Factions, to be removed from Nippon. However, in their place she establish 9 great orders, or clans, to help defend the empire from threats beyond and within. Each of these great clans were to have a specific role within the empire, and although were given autonomy to an extent, were all to report back to the Shogun and the Daughter of Heaven.

The Crab


Clan Head: Hida Ryuji
Clan Headquartes: Osaka

The Crab were given the specific role of defending the Empire from the threat of monstrous Oni and yokai. Based out of Osaka, many members of the Crab tend to be more laid back then other samurai of Nippon. The Crab believe in strength and in power, and can be brash and unpleasant at times. However they know the horrors of Oni and other mostrous beasts and at times care little what other samurai think of them as long as they defend their empire and the Daughter of Heaven.

The Crane


Clan head: Nakago Jinzo
Clan headquarters: Kyoto

The Crane have the explicit duty to defend the Royal Family and the ideals of Nippon. They defend the capital and excel in all the ways of the samurai, demanding the best of their members. Honor, beauty, loyalty, and perfection, these are the ideals of the Crane. Crane may understand and respect the need for other more brash clans, but they nonetheless look down upon them for not also upholding the true ways of Bushido.

The Dragon


Clan Head: Hokyaro Gen
Clan headquarters: Kyoto

The dragon are made up mainly of those who are followers of peace and harmony who follow the ways of the Buddha. The Dragon seek to learn and understand above all things and try to find harmony in country and spirit. They are given the role as mediator between the clans, and to help make sure the Empire keeps balance and harmony. Dragon tend to be more eccentric then the more rigid and structured other samurai in the empire.

The Kirin


Clan head: Matsumae Takeda
Clan Headquarters: Sapporo

Where most samurai are stable and beholden to their lands and estate, there are some who are like the wind. They move from town to town, they live in the forests, and they make homes within the mountains. The role of the Kirin is to constantly wander the empire, keeping their eyes out and their minds open, and to act as intermediary when needed between the Nihonjin, the Ainu, and the Yokai. They are human and yokai alike. Samurai, and ronin. Many who have honor but cannot find their ways within any other other clans tend to flock to the more accepting Kirin.

The Lion

Clan Head: Konamura Kotetsu
Clan Headquarters: Edo


The Lion are the military hand of the Empire. It is their role to keep the peace with Nippon and send aid through the land when needed. They make up the bulk of samurai within Nippon, and will send groups to villages and small towns to help with any problem that may arise. Lion tend to be devoutly loyal to the Shogun and believe that his word is law. They believe in order, law, and justice.

The Mantis


Clan head: Kajahara Saito
Clan headquarters: Himeji

The Mantis are the naval arm and seafarers of the Empire. They have strong ties to the sea, the forests, and the kami that dwell within them. The Mantis are tasked to protect the Empire from outside, keeping the great kami of the seas appeased and learning to harness the fierce powers of Riajin, Fujin, and Susano-oh.

The Phoenix


Clan head: Minase Mori
Clan Headquarters: Kyoto

The Phoenix are made up of primarily powerful shugenja who revere the kami. It is the Phoenix who protect the shrines and sacred lands of Nippon and the Phoenix who exorcise more powerful yokai. Theya re keepers of knowledge and power in the empire, and are held to the utmost of respect.

The Scorpion


Clan head: Kyoumaru
Clan headquarters: Kyoto

The Scorpion keep to the shadows and watch the empire from within. There are no secrets that a Scorpion cannot learn and, more importantly, keep. Though many may not consider them honorable, the Scorpion are given the strict purpose to keep the secrets of the Empire that must be kept hidden. And, if the need arises, do what other samurai may consider unsavory. Made up of many friendly yokai, most in disguise, the true purpose of the Scorpion is not even known to many of other samurai in the empire.

The Spider


Clan head: Mariko
Clan Headquarters: Nagano

Before being purified and allowed to pass on, Onigumo had many children and many spawn that spread throughout the Empire. The Spider are made up of people who know the taint Onigumo firsthand. The Spider are those that have been marked directly by the Lord of Spiders, or have felt his corruption and presence and no longer fear it. While the Phoenix and the Crab seek to purify and exorcise all taint, the Spider have the dangerous task of trying to understand it. Learn from it. And see if it can be healed.

New Schools

The great Clans

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