The Shinsei

There are those in Nippon who are different then others, those who are born with a spiritual power beyond those of mortals. Some are born with an excess of spiritual power, many times inherited through family lines. Some train their entire lives to achieve a level of spiritual strength. And some yet are given their power directly by the Kami. These individuals are collectively known as the Shinsei.

No matter how they got their power, all Shinsei exhibit their abilities through a mark upon their body. This mark glows when the individual calls upon his inner reserve of strength and is the defining feature of all Shinsei.

All Shinsei have the ability to travel across Nippon through the use of the Seishin no Michi, an unseen network that flows throughout Yamato. This network can be tapped into at certain sacred sites across Yamato, known as gates. They may not be able to directly activate a spiritual site that leads to the Seishin no Michi, but as long as they are within 10 meters of one, they should be able to sense it.

In addition to this ability, there are three different types of Shinsei. Those of Yin, Yang, or those whose soul is balanced. Depending on which you are, you may get different abilities.


Your nature is more passive or negative. You find yourself more attuned to the shade, to the moon, and to those things that are hidden. Though not necessarily a treacherous person, you can see it more easily in people and may be a pessimist.

Those who have Yin personalities gain the following abilities

  • Shadow Travel – You can travel through the underside of Yamato in the shadows of the Seishin no Michi. You cannot travel through a sacred site directly, even if it has been activated, and you cannot be “taken” through the Seishin no Michi via the assistance of another. However, you may travel through any shadow cast by the gate or by any other chosen within 30 feet of the gate. You will emerge within any shadow within 30 feet of your destination. If there are no shadows available, you will appear at the closest gate with an available shadow.
  • Concealment – It is in your nature to remain hidden, even when it comes to your Shinsei status. Those with this ability may conceal their nature from chosen from others with the abilities to sense them without further aid of magic or divination abilities. Any shinsei with the sense ability must make an active Insight check, using Void to detect you as Shinsei. the TN for this check is based on 10 + 5/insight rank. (Note, you cannot hide your physical mark with this ability and must be concealed with mundane means)


Your nature is more positive or active. You find yourself more attuned to the sun and to openness. You may bee naive or optimistic to those around you, believing in the best in all people.

Those with yang personalities have the following abilities.

  • Activation – By channeling your divine power, you can activate a dormant gate. Upon activation, you are swept to another destination linked to that gate elsewhere in the network. If you know of a destination, you will normally arrive there. However the Kami may desire your attention elsewhere and change your path. An active gate remains so for one day, allowing other shinsei to use it as needed.
  • Sense – You can detect Shinsei within 10 meters of you.


There are those who have found balance in their life, and have attained spiritual enlightenment. They understand that one must have both yin and yang in their lives, and too much of one or the other will send you into imbalance. Those with balanced personalities gain the following abilities.

  • Perfect Travel – You do not over exert your spiritual energy, nor are you barred from using the powers of the Seishin no Michi. You exert just the right amount to travel through any gate, active or not. You do not activate the gate and leave no lingering effects or abilities behind.

*Enlightened – Once per session you make a meditation roll, TN determined by the DM, to gain a bit of information pertaining to your current situation.

The Shinsei

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